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Umbrella Insurance

from SolutionPoint Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

If you have other insurance policies, like home or auto insurance, they probably come with a certain amount of liability coverage. Have you ever wondered if that liability coverage would be enough?

You can always add liability protection with a personal umbrella policy. This insurance takes up where liability coverage in other policies leaves off.

Why Have Extra Liability Coverage?

You never know when an accident could happen where you would be held liable. For example, your dog could bite someone, or a visitor to your home could slip and fall, sustaining serious injuries.

Your current liability coverage may not cover damages imposed by a court of law if you are found responsible for these incidents. Rather than selling your home or losing your life savings, a personal umbrella insurance policy can cover the damages for you. Typical umbrella policies cover you up to $1 million, with higher amounts sometimes available.

What Is Broad Coverage?

Personal umbrella policies provide what is known as broad coverage. Not only are you covered, but so are your spouse and household family members. Furthermore, your personal umbrella policy covers you anywhere in the world, such as when you travel for business or vacation. Included in the policy are expenses like legal defense fees.

Contact Us for a Personal Umbrella Policy

If you have questions about umbrella coverage or would like to take out a policy, reach out to us at SolutionPoint Insurance today. As independent agents in Kansas, we can give you options and personalized service those single companies can’t. Call us at 913-735-0110 or message us via our online form for a quote. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the extra protection of umbrella insurance in case life throws you a curveball.