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Homeowner Insurance

from SolutionPoint Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

For most homeowners, their property is their greatest financial asset. Owning a home is a fantastic achievement, but you must protect it properly. If an event like a fire or storm were to damage or even destroy your home, what would you do? How would you rebuild and replace your lost furnishings and belongings?

Fortunately, home insurance was created for this exact reason. You pay a predetermined premium in return for coverage that reimburses your expenses if you experience a loss or catastrophe.

What does home insurance cover?

The right homeowner policy covers your dwelling from hail damage, fire, and most major natural disasters. It also protects the contents of your home, like furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, and sporting gear, including from theft and vandalism. Some policies even reimburse the expense of having to live elsewhere temporarily if your home becomes uninhabitable and needs repairs or reconstruction.

In addition, home insurance gives you liability coverage. If someone is injured on your property and wins a judgment against you in a lawsuit, you won’t lose your savings or even your home to pay the damages. You will love the peace of mind that gives you!

Can you add protection for specific situations?

It’s easy to add extra protection to your home insurance policy too:

  • Scheduled coverage for valuables like jewelry, artwork, antiques, or collectibles
  • Private or NFIP flood insurance
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Farm or equine insurance
  • Personal umbrella policy for added liability coverage, ideal for dog owners

Reach Out for a Quote or More Information

If you’re not sure how much home insurance you need, simply take a photo or video inventory of your home with your cellphone. We’ll look it over and make recommendations for you, based on your unique needs and your budget.

At SolutionPoint Insurance, we’re independent agents in Kansas, so we have access to dozens of home insurance products to tailor a package for you. We can help balance your deductible, a small amount you pay prior to your insurance kicking in when you file a claim, with your premium, which is the cost of your policy.

Don’t put your biggest asset or your life savings at risk by not having the proper home insurance coverage. Give us a call at 913-735-0110 or reach out online today for a quote. We’ll make sure you get the policy you need, so you can enjoy your home knowing it’s always protected.